• Chef Solomon Johnson

Damn Chef Where'd You Go?

Its been two years since my last post. What can I say life has been exactly that, life.

There have been high and low points. But im still standing and pursuing my dream on a daily basis. The past two years I have learned to redirect my passion in ways that are more beneficial for me and my brand in the long run. Instead of working with everyone I take my time and choose more wisely. Obviously that comes from experience right? But if you asked me two years ago to come and help in your kitchen I would have said yes nine times out of ten just because of the money. Dont get me wrong IM ALL ABOUT A DOLLAR, but im more into the quality of people the money comes from these days.

I quit a steady job about two months ago and I've been relying soley on my catering compnay to keep all my bills paid. Im proud of that for a few reasons the most important one is standing by my morals and not taking money from people who do not embodie those ideologies. Also its been a few years since Ive relied soley on my private event catering and not keeping a restuarant gig. Its been an amazing boost in my creativity and my busiess awareness. Its also given me a huge boost in my confidence as not only a creative but as a man. There is no greater feeling than rising to the occasion and making shit happen to keep your busiess in order. its been scary but Ive never felt more present and im excited about the future.

With that being said Ive been planning on something I know you guys will love.

There are alot of moving parts and I cant give you too many detials but I can say that i will be in 6 cities and I cant wait to see you all there. My new supper club concept "The Blacker The Berry" will be a traveling supper club featuring art expressing the african diaspora through food. Limited seating, intimate settings, wine pairing options, and a special green ticket option for my real ones. Stay tuned for updated and a list of cities so you can be a part of this once in a life time opprotunity.

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