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Whats New Chef???

Wow! Its been six months since my last post. Time flies when your having fun. Its been a whirlwind of events and i want to do my best to catch you guys up on the things that have traspired since we've touched bae last.

First things first. The webseries "More Than A Chef" is slowly approching the end of its first season! Ryan and I have some how managed to put together 4 full episodes in between working full time. We took a month or so off because YOUTUBE declared our videos as

"harsh content". That basically stripped us from the only media outlet we knew of at the time where we could dump our ideas and monotize from ad revenue and product placment.

It was unexpected and we highly considered canceling the idea all together. But after some time went by and Ryan and I sat and talked we decided to keep pushing and find out where we can post our work for everyone to have access. We found The Weed Tube and our troubles were over. They are a marijuana inspired media outlet for creatives to post judgment free without the fear of your subscription being terminated for lighting a joint or two. Since working with the weedtube we have been able to reconnect with our viewers and give them a more in depth look at my ideas behind " More Than A Chef". Make sure you tap the weedtube logo to jump straight to the new

episode of more than a chef!!! Make sure you stay tuned for Episode 5 and 6. I have so much to show you guys. Ill be flooding you guys with ALOT OF CONTENT. So please bare with me.

Repost it! Share it! Subscribe to my page and tell a friend. Every little bit helps to push my passion for food forward!

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