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Chef Swoop explains "More Than A Chef" Webseries.

I've been cooking for almost 12 years now proffesionally. Its been an amazing journey full of blood, sweat, and tears. Although my career requires a huge amount of time, sacrifice, and dedication; I'd like to think that I am not defined by the title "CHEF".

By trade yes I am a CHEF. But outside of the kitchen I am so much more. Most chefs like myself are artist before cooks. Inspired by color, sound, texture, and smell. After taking that into consideration think about this. I'm human. I have a family who loves me and I love unconditionally. I have friendships with people across the country, that walk all facets of life. I have feelings that I have to work through every day just like everyone else. Just the few things I've shared with you shows that I am far more dynamic than a job title. These things inspired "More Than A Chef" a new web series im working on I know you'll all love.

I started this web series with my good friend Ryan Soule ( ) for a few reasons. One of the most important being to get our work seen by a much larger audience. He and I are pursuing this vision in hopes to not only inspire other independent artist but to eventually use our platform as a foundation for digital residual income to fund the project. He and I both run our own business and free time and labor cost dont really mix well. So click the picture above for a link to our YouTube videos. Make sure you like and subscribe and share the link!

This project isn't even really about the money, but more so an opprotunity for me to show the world that chefs are just as influential to the culture as any entertainer or pro athlete. Our jobs are to absorb as much culture as possible. I find myself reading about authentic mexican food and Japanese Kaiseki in the same days sometimes. Its important to do your research to make sure the food customs are not only respected but executed authentically to ensure the diners experince is memorable.

This web series is also a form of therepy for me. In the past I've delt with PTSD, INSOMNIA, & DEPRESSION. During the web series i'll be slowly sharing my past with you and showing you my more human side and how food has helped me overcome all of my mental health issues.

All in all I want this web series to show people that chef, especially black chefs are just as into pushing culture forward as any other ethnic group. Of course I want to highlight my people, their customs, and cuisine. But that does not mean my energy is only tied to the black and brown community. After all isnt food meant to bring us all together anyway?

This web series will inspire you to just be yourself. The best version of yourself. It will give you brief glimpses into life through my eyes. It will make you curious about cusine all over the country and it WILL MAKE YOU HUNGRY!

Thanks so much for checking in guys. Stay Hungry Stay Humble.

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