• Chef Solomon Johnson

Black History Month. Choppin it up with Chef.

This year I made a promise to myself to follow my heart and do the things that set my soul on fire. I've found that the new year has come with alot of emotional energies to balance to acheive that goal. As a black man in America its hard not to be emotional already. We have to provide for our families, keep ourselves safe, and keep a smile on our faces while we do it. Its hard not to want more for not only yourself but for your people. So as black men we do what we have to do. I can be the first person to say that I DO NOT HANDLE MY EMOTIONS WELL ALL THE TIME.

Im learning tht its ok to shead the layers of armour i've built up to defend myself from lifes day to day bullshit over the years. When I was younger life was rough and alot of things happened that scarred me for life. So now im sitting with those emotions and confronting them one at a time to move on and become a better man. In a society where its still not ok for a man to show too much emotion with out being ridiculed, its hard for alot of folk to fess up and say

"you know what I feel like shit". Especially for my brothers who will put the weight of the world on their shoulders to make sure family is straight then medicate the pain with vices( sex, drugs,alcohol) instead of the self love you need to recover.

This month I want my black and brown brothers to talk to eachother. Find out if your friends are doing ok MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. Its ok if people don't want to talk right away. I just think its important to start the conversation. Its ok to express youself. It doesnt make you less of a man. It makes you a better man.

Thats real love and thats what this month is all about to me.

I've found common ground with people of ALL ETHNIC BACKGROUNDS. Food is a universal language of love if you ask me. We all have to eat, but i digress. I bring this up to say that my emotional attachment to my community has intensfied significantly and i want to do more with my people for my people now more than ever. With this being black history month i figured this would be the best time to express the way I feel.

With that being said i'll be launching a "JUKE JOINT" inspired event soon with a team of truly inspiring talents and I can't wait to give you guys more details. Soul Food, REAL SOUL FOOD TO BE EXACT, JAZZ, COCKTAILS, AND SO MUCH MORE.

Thanks so much for reading this, it means alot right now. Repost this! Pass it along and show some love!

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