• Chef Solomon Johnson

A New Year with Omni World Kitchen.

2017. What a roller coaster. This was one of the most challenging yet fufilling years of my career thus far. If you've been following my blog post all year then youll know I've been all over the Bay Area in pursuit of all thigs food. My main focus was to make my pressence in the food scene more profound. I accomplished that. Not without the help of a few great companies along the way. This year I worked with PAULA LE DUC FINE CATERING & BIRITE CTAERING. Two very large and very successful catering companies that I've learned a great deal from.

I've worked with almost THREE TIMES AS MANY private clients in 2017 then in my first year of business and im proud of that. All the work I've put in is starting to show, and this is only the begining. I took a step back from large private events to work at Copper Spoon, a brand new restaurant in Oakland thats doing something specal. I've come to love the chef im becoming working there. Everyone pushes one another to be great and do better everyday. Every question is a good question and every accomplishment in the kichen big or small is celebrated. I've never experinced a dynamic like this in a work environment and im excited to start the new year as a part of their team.

The Executive Chef ( Andre Hall) and I put together an amazing brunch program and this is the first menu I've put together in the Bay Area I actually get credit for. I've had ideas and recipes stolen in the past. It will never happen again. You live and learn and grow with every experinece in the restaurant world.

As the year has gone by I continued my work with Ryan Soule, a very accomplished and very talented photographer/videographer and the work we've created is amazing. If you ever need some work done his turn around time is fast! Check out his website

Camera Credit: Ryan Soule

Ryan and I just started a web series and in the next month or so I'll be launching the fist episode. It's been a long time coming and I know you guys are going to love it. I've been waiting to share my vision and food philosophy with everyone for a long time. Timing is everything and I'm learning to flow with all the opprotunities that come accross my plate. I use to stress myself out all year about working by myself and not having the support I needed to push my vision to new heights. I proved myself wrong by working alone the entire time. My support system is small, but a constant source of love and inspiration and I'll never doubt myself or my inner circle again.

This year has taught me patience, given me confidence, and reinspired me to push my career to new levels. I have a few more projects that I can't speak on yet but as soon as I get the green light I'll fill you guys in. For now check out the website. I'll be revamping my page soon and making it more interactive so you guys can see more of what I have to offer easier and faster then before. Thanks to everyone who's been following me and reading my blog this past year! HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY HUNTING IN THE KITCHEN FOLKS!!!!!

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