• Chef Solomon Johnson

In the Weeds with Chef.

As a Chef we are faced with lots of diffent tasks and challenges on a daily basis. You have to be able to go with the flow and take your punches on the chin as they come. Its important to keep your head on a swivel and do what you can with your time in the kitchen to prepare for the fututre to the best of your ability. Multi-tasking and prep is so crucial to running a smooth ship. There are some days in the kitchen where no matter how much you prepare or plan, you'll find yourself in "THE SHIT" or "THE WEEDS". You know that moment when service reaches an apex and the printer wont stop spitting out tickets. That moment where every second counts and servers are in and out of the kitchen asking how long before their food comes out for their section. You know what im talking about, when every plate in house has been used and now you have to wait on the dishwasher to catch up with a load or two just to get your food out. Theres no way to prepare for it. You just have to do your best at staying on task and moving forward one ticket at a time. I've experienced some crazy shifts in my now 11 year run in the restaurant world. Whenever I get overwheled I stop take a deep breath and say "LETS GO CHEF". It calms me down and reminds me how much I love the chaos. Usually after that I find my groove and continue to kill shit.

I dont know why I love being in a loud, hot, and chaotic enviornment. I find so much peace in the midst of it all. Call me crazy but theres is no better place to be. My mind is constantly racing as an artist and the kitchen is the only place I can mix my love for Food, Fire, Japanese Steal, Alcohol, and Late Nights all in one.

It feels good to get back on a line with a crew and knock out 150 plus covers a night. It may start out rocky but we always get the job done. If you get bogged down always remeber stop what your doing take a deep breath and say

"LETS GO CHEF". You'll bounce back and you'll be just fine.

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