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Back to Business with Copper Spoon

I've been all over the Bay Area this month. Back and forth from Oakland to San Francisco in search of the perfect fit for my indie schedule and lifestyle. Up and down the pennisula working with catering companies and making an effort to contribute to the families in Napa and Sonoma who lost their homes and jobs. Needless to say this month has been hectic.

March 2016 I was a part of a pop kitchen hosted by COPPER SPOON. I found out that this crew of chefs started together in a FOOD TRUCK that caught on fire. Everyone made it out safe but the truck was lost. Their vision for Copper Spoon never wavered though. The crew you see in this picture not including myself pulled off many successful pop up kitchens in Oakland and San Francisco and it was LIT THE NIGHT WE ALL FINALLY LINKED UP! I was so excited for their success and their fututre in Oakland after that night. Shit im still excited. I spoke with

Vita Simone ( a good friend and one of the best bartenders in Oakland ) every couple of weeks before the spot opened just to see how far along the project was coming. Vita is a huge part of Copper spoon coming to life. Along with the help of Carmen Anderson who handles everything front of house, and Chef Andre Hall the master mind in the kitchen; Copper Spoon is sure to be a heavy hitter in the town. I worked my first 2 days with the squad this week and the energy on the line is undeniable. Everyone works fast and really pays attention to the finer details. Thing will only get better from here. The place has only been open 2 weeks and they are getting AMAZING REVUES. Make sure you check us out ASAP!!! The drinks are amazing too!!! Click the picture to see one of Vitas cocktails featured on Del Magueys DRINK OF THE MONTH SECTION! and make sure you follow them on IG for sneak peaks of new menus and a BRUNCH ON SUNDAYS BY YOUR TRULY. STAY TUNED we're just getting started.

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