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Black in the Kitchen w. Black Foodie

Earlier in the year I had the opprotunity to sit down with BLACK FOODIE and talk to them about a few things that have been on my mind for years. The untold story of black chefs and the way they are treated and viewed in kitchens.

The majority of my kitchen experinces during my now 11 year run as a chef has been positive.

Most kitchens are very respectful and appretiate what I bring to the table. There are a few bad apples in the bunch as well.

The kitchen to me has always been a judgement free zone where people from all over the world can share their life experinces and culture through food. We all have so much more in common then we may think.

But with the times chaging and racial tension at an all time high. I find myself getting into very strange confrintations in kitchens with very outdated philosophies on how a kitchen should look and feel. I take pride in my food as well as my culture and individality. Im unapolegetic and BLACK AS FUCK. But my passion for food and thirst for knowledge of self and cultural traditions keeps me grounded and EXTREMLY PROFFESIONAL in the kitchen. With that being said I dont want anyone to take this article persoanlly. I just want people to know that from time to time these things do happen. Click the picture of me to shoot you over to the BLACK FOODIES website. Drop a comment on my page and theirs. Share it with your friends. Repost it and keep showing me love!!!

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