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Reinspired by Paula Le Duc Fine Catering

This summer has been amazing for me. I've catered for companies and families all over the bay area and met so many beautiful people along the way. I feel blessed to have the strenght to spread Omni World Kitchens message to the people one event at a time. Only recently did I take a step back from it all. The realization that "one event at a time" wasn't enough crossed my mind and it made me sick.

I felt almost defeated to realized that all the work I did to pull off each and every event still wasnt enough. So I decided to take a step back from personal events and focus more on the branding and foundation of the business. Im still takinng private clients but I WONT BE HOSTING ANY PERSONAL EVENTS FOR A FEW MONTHS. Im busy working in local kitchens to generate revunue to expand Omni World Kitchens production. In July I decided to go back into event catering. If you read my first blog post it was about a company called "Pared". its basically a independent cotractor platform for chefs.

Long story short I stopped working for Pared. Its a great company. I just worked for a few companies/restaurants that I clashed with through Pared. Its really no ones fault. In kitchens some people just dont see eye to eye. That being said it was a very hard decision for me to start working for someone else. But during my run in the event catring companies in the Bay Area i did find one that matched both my attitude and passion for food.

That Company was Paula Le Duc Fine Catering ( ). I was hooked after the first job I worked with them. On the back of every PLD shirt theres a quote that I try to apply to all walks of life "Perfect is just fine". I'll be adding that quote to my manifesto right along with "dont be a scumbag" and "you cant teach pride". Quotes ill stand by in the kitchen as long as the universe will allow.

The food is imaginative and delicious. They use both classic and modern techniques to execute authentic finishes to international cusine. Its never a dull moment and the events are top of the line. Some of the productions ive witnessed I cant even imagine how much they charge to execute. Its exciting to be a part of their team. They appretiate my passion for food and respect my time as a business owner. The Executive Chef and all the Sou Chefs are very hard working and humble and easy to talk too. Its crazy to think that Paula Le Duc started off as a start up like me and turned into one of the Bay Areas biggest premium event catering companies period. Its just proof that your idea can expand and blossom into something you'd never be able to imagine. Paula Le Cuc reminded me to dream big. The food philosophy here at Paula Le Duc sparked somethng inside of me Ive never felt before. Im taking a step back from my own events breifly. Dont worry though ill be back. Real soon.

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