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Omni World Kitchen & GreenDoor SF

Its been a long month for Omni World Kitchen and its only just getting started. Its been filled with lots of surprises and I've been doing my best to flow with the work load and take everything one day at a time. During an event I worked Sunday I created a menu for a surprise dinner for Michael J. Nolin! For those of you who dont know who he is, he is the Owner of The Green Door SF. One of the longest standing medical marijuana despenseries in California. Check out their website( ).

I was very happy to be a part of what I thought would be a small surprise birthday dinner for 50 people. When I arrived to my colleagues house who was actaully the person responsible for buying all the food ( big shout out to you for that MJ) I found out the party was for upwards to 150 people. So this not so small surprise tunred into a pretty big celebration in less than 24 hours. MJ (the Chef of Adeline Collective ( and I spent the next 8hours prepping and we had no idea what we'd be in store for once we finally got things going.

The menu was switched around a few times, but after a final decision was made we started the night off with Poke Spoons. A fresh and flavorful start to an asian inspire menu.

I went with Yellow Tail Tuna, Cucumber, Ponzu, Avocado, Orange Segment, Salmon Roe, Bulls Blood(microgreens on top) and Toasted Sesame Seeds. I think they were beautiful

what about you? The next dish is still a personal favorite of mine. It takes me back to philly

where the chinese food spots were on every corner. Those places inspired my version of the crab ragoon. This cream cheese and crab filled dumplings are paired with a spicy chili garlic shatta sauce and a few pickled veggies to add contrast.

Unfortunetly things began to get so hectic I could not get pictures of the remainder of the evening. But all in all it was a learning experince that made me a better chef. Shout out MJ and Adeline collective for powering the event. You guys are the blank canvas I create on. No master piece. I appretiate you. And another HAPPY BIRTHAY TO MIKE NOLIN!!!!

enjoy yourself my friend!


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