• Chef Solomon Johnson

Omni World & Blue Iguana Tequila

This weekend I had the pleasure of preparing food for an amazing company.

Blue Iguana Tequila is a new company launching in the states and their products are top notch.

Checkout their website to get an up close and personal look at what they bring to the table.

My personal favorite was the reposado but thats my personal tatse

My vision for the event was too enhance the flavors of the tequila with every bite of food the guest enjoyed. I started off with a meat and cheese plate with seasonal fruit to get the crowd going. Spicy Pepper Jack and Colby Jack cheeses are sharp and pungent. They went well with Blue Iguanas signature margarita. After a few margaritas the crowd started to get a little restless. So I figure whats the best way to feed a crowd full of hungry Tequila Enthusiast? Tacos my friend...Tacos.

I prepared chicken, steak, and sweet potato tacos for about 100 people. Of course every taco was paired with the traditional cilanto and onions, but I also took the time to hand craft a beautiful salasa to enhance the taco experience. A chipotle salsa with grilled corn and black beans and a sweet and spicy strawberry salsa with lot of jalapeno. The crowds favorite was without a doub the sweet potato taco. Very well balanced and full of flavor. The shots were flowing, the smiles were in an abundance, and everyone loved the tacos. Behind the scenes I took the time during a breif intermission to prepare the deserts for the crowd.

I decided to make Mini Key Lime Shooters and Chinese 5 Spice Churros to keep the party lively and traditional. The Deserts were small batch and I did it that way on purpose. Everyone got churros but the mini key lime shooters were "limited". I always like to tell people "dont worry youll get one next time" lol. All in all the evening went great and im sure ill be working with the company again. Huge shout out to Original Timber Co. and Blue Iguana Tequila for choosing me for the job. Omni World Kitchen is here to serve up smiles.

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