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Black Foodie Takeover in Napa Valley

This past weekend I spent the entire day in wine country. It was my first time in Napa Valley and I was so overwhelmed by the wealth of knowledge and history Napa has. While I was there I teamed up with the folks over at and tookover their Instagram Account for a live virtual tour of the winerys. During my trip we visited 3 different vineyards; DeLoach Vineyards, V.Sattui Winery, and Cline Cellars. Each place shared their story about their wine making process, How long their vines have produced grapes for harvest, and of course shared tasting portions for everyone to enjoy.

This bottle of Chardonnay was my favorite of the day. It was very buttery on the palate.

I'd pair a wine as beautiful as this with salmon or mussels. Accents of citrus, apple, and Oak

put this bottle in a catagory of its own. It was very refreshing and i cant wait to revisit V.Sattui

again to try more of their selection.

I also tried a lovely Zinfandel from 2013 that definetly surprised me. Im usually the type to go for Merlots because of how well they stand up to more savory meals like steak or pot roast.

But this bottle was different. It was very peppery with notes of "jam" and "blackberry". This wines tannin added a bit of bitterness giving it far more complexity than most Zinfandels. Im still a Merlot guy though lol.

I cant wait to go back to Napa Valley and try out a few different places. The options are limitless and so are the samples. All together I may have sampled well over 30 different wines.

The sample pours were about 1.5oz. A glass of wine in a restuarant is a 4oz pour. I may have had close to 11 glasses of wine. Dont worry this weekend was also my 29th Birthday and i was not driving so its all good. Thanks for reading guys! Drop a comment on here if you have any questions about the other wines I tasted or if your wondering what to pair with you next meal at home!

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