• Chef Solomon Johnson

Against All Odds Omni World Rises.

June 5th 2013. I caught my first flight to California. Fast forward 4 years and so much has happened. It almost feels like a different life compared to now.

I launched my first catering company. Which crashed and burned because I wasnt ready to keep up with the work.

Shortly after that I met an investor and launched Oaklands First Cold Pressed Juice Cafe. But like most food businesses that start up with very little finacial backing it sucomed to rent prices sky rocketing and the price of organic produce fluctuating at an alarming rate. I think I remeber seeing a case of organic limes sourced from mexico for almost 160$ that summer. The Juice Bar couldnt stand a chance with the tech bubble raisisng rent prices. We closed.

Shortly after that I lost my grandmother. I was devestated but I pushed through. She always told me "follow your heart" and "Do what makes you happy". I held on to those word for about a year before I did anything productive with them. Depression and drug abuse almost took my life from me. But the love I have for food pushed me through the adversity.

My thurst for cultural understanding. My desire for knowledge of self. It brought me back to a place where I could use food as a vessel. A vessel for healing. A vessel for creating. Most importantly a vessel for bringing people together.

Today I am here doing exactly what I love. I followed my heart and people are recieveing my message through food with open arms. The only stuggle I have is with myself. My food may embodie the ideal of OMNIPRESNT FOOD world wide. But I myself am not an omnipresent GOD capable of being everywhere at every moment. Long story short I need help and have

no one to turn too. My company is slowly outgrowing itself and now I have some critical thinking to do to keep things in order.

I order the food, pick up the food, clean the food, process the food, and sell it. I keep up with the invoices and bills. I do the advertisment and marketing. I respond to emails and keep up with the customer base through constant interaction via email/text. I design my website and come up with all the content for the BLOG & RECIPE section. Im a fully functioning one man show. Think about that next time you ask me or any other chef whos starting up for a discount or a free plate. It cost money to run a business, and it ISNT CHEAP!!! I know im not the only small business owner whos feels this way. Somebody drop ofF a kind word or 2. Chef needs support!LOL

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